The Top 10 Signs Your Home Needs Hydro Power Carpet Cleaning !

After a long, hard day of work or play, you can’t wait to sit back, relax, and enjoy your living space. But after you walk in the door and take off your shoes, you realize that something isn’t right. For some reason, you don’t feel as relaxed and comfortable as you thought you would. You can’t pinpoint the problem. This is a common occurrence in many homes. Often, it means the time has come for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Hydro Power provides professional steam cleaning services on Cape Cod. We’re going to walk you through 10 warning signs that may indicate your home needs Hydro Power Carpet Steam Cleaning Service – and fast!

  1. Your Carpet Smells. Does your home have a generally bad odor? Have you noticed the smell more and more frequently after coming home from the office? We’ve all been there. Spraying Febreeze isn’t going to solve the problem. You need to get down, smell your carpet, and decide whether or not the smell is coming from the floor. If so, the time has come for a professional carpet steam cleaning service. If not, check your pantry, garbage, and kitchen appliances. There could be rotting or expired food in your home. Sometimes, an exceptionally dirty carpet can exhibit the same musty, sour smell as past-due food. You don’t want that scent wafting through your home.
  2. You Notice Obvious Stains or Blemishes. Whenever you have guests over, you find creative ways to cover the stains or blemishes that have seeped into your carpet over the past several months. Instead of trying to hide it – or accepting stains as part of owning a carpeted home – try investing in a carpet steam cleaning service. If you continue this service once every six to twelve months, you’ll never struggle with visible stains again. Just treat stains as soon as they occur. If they won’t leave, call Hydro Power Carpet Cleaning for assistance. We’re happy to help.
  3. The Color of Your Carpet Has Changed. When you look at old photos, you notice your carpet looks completely different than it does today. If your carpet seems darker than usual, it likely needs a carpet steam cleaning service desperately. It can be shocking to see the state of your carpet after a proper steam cleaning, especially when you have another dirty room with which you can compare. Take photos of your floors after each completed steam cleaning. That way, you’ll know when your carpet is due for another appointment.
  4. You Don’t Remember Your Last Carpet Steam Cleaning Service. Despite your hardest efforts, you can’t remember the last time you invested in professional steam cleaning. If you can’t remember the last time your carpet looked “brand new,” there’s a good chance you’ve never seen it properly cleaned before. Imagine the change in your home when your floors are no longer dingy, dusty, and covered in hidden grime. When you have carpet in your home, allergens, pollutants, dust, and dirt can seep into the floor, leaving no visible trace of the problem. Hardwood floor, on the other hand, holds no poker face. Treat your carpet like hardwood. Keep it clean.
  5. Your Guests Make Comments. While you haven’t personally found anything wrong with your home or your carpeting, your guests have made comments to either yourself of your family members. Don’t dismiss these opinions. You live in your home full-time. This means you likely won’t notice when things start to get bad. Why should you? They’ve gotten incrementally worse each day. But, for guests who haven’t visited in several months, a decrease in home hygiene can function like a slap in the face. If you aren’t sure about the cleanliness of your carpet, try asking your loved ones and visitors for their advice.
  6. Your Family Feels Uncomfortable. Those who live in your home are no longer comfortable lounging around or laying on the floor. It feels gritty and gross. Your spouse, roommate, friends, or children might not explicitly say, “We don’t want to sit on the carpet anymore.” But actions speak louder than words. On movie night or game night, are extra chairs brought into the room to avoid sitting on the floor? This could be a problem. Why isn’t your carpet being enjoyed?
  7. You Never Walk Barefoot. Once again, you might not make a conscious decision to feel uncomfortable on your carpet. Still, you find yourself wearing slippers, socks, or shoes at every turn. You haven’t walked barefoot on your carpet in months. If this is the case in your home, a carpet steam cleaning service could change everything. Imagine being able to take off your shoes, throw them in the corner, and walk around your home without a care in the world. No socks. No slippers. No issues with cleanliness.
  8. Your Home, Overall, Feels Off. Something about your home just doesn’t feel right. You aren’t sure how to fix the problem – or what the problem is – but you know something has to be done. Invest in carpet steam cleaning services and enjoy a fresh start. If the service doesn’t eliminate the problem, our Hydro Power team is here to help you find and solve the issue.
  9. Your Carpet Crunches. Carpet should feel soft, warm, and cozy. If your carpet feels sticky or crunches under your feet, carpet steam cleaning service is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.
  10. You Find Living Organisms. If ants, earwigs, and other insects are common critters in your carpet, contact a steam cleaning company as soon as possible.

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