Dear Valued Customer,

As another beautiful summer season on Cape Cod winds down, we reflect on our efforts and begin the process of planning for your Fall and Winter cleaning needs and of course to a productive, exciting 2019.

Our serious commitment to meet your cleaning needs began well before the Summer. Our strategy was to attract, train & retain people with integrity and a passion for cleaning & customer satisfaction. In 2018, we invested significant time to a disciplined recruiting, training and quality control program, thereby enabling us to deliver on the promise of effective and customized Spring Cleanings, Regular Cleanings, Changeover cleanings and Steam Cleanings.

The Cape Cod tourism season was, as usual explosive. Making left hand turns was a challenge from Memorial Day to Labor Day as homeowners and guests returned to experience all that cape Cod has to offer. The demand for our cleaning expertise was significant ~ and we met the challenge, one house at a time – looking to ensure employee safety, customer satisfaction and a secure home. Our teams worked diligently to adhere to our high standards of excellence.

For 2019 and beyond, our objective is to enhance operational systems, our website, overall communication and of course, our people strategy. We respect the trust you have in The Furies and strive to earn it with every cleaning opportunity.

As we have for over 30 years, each day, we value the trust you have placed in our organization. Our objective of providing high quality cleaning services and linen rentals to meet your needs and high standards will never waiver. Our entire organization is focused on understanding your evolving needs and fulfilling our commitment to excellence.

In the days to come, do not hesitate to call the office (508.349.1145) or send us an email. Your valuable feedback is greatly appreciated. Constructive comments are welcome, as they inspire us to improve on our service offering.

On behalf of the entire Company, I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Steven Lam, The Furies, President