Cape Cod Cleaning Services FAQ

Where is The Furies Cleaning Service of Cape Cod’s office located?

Our office is located on Cape Cod in Wellfleet, MA at 2393 U.S. 6 in the Cove Corners Plaza. The Furies’ office is approximately 1/2 mile from the traffic light for Wellfleet center. We are next door to the Wellfleet Post Office and WHAT Theater, and share a building with Dunkin Donuts, Local Color & Cuts, and MASS Appeal.  Click here for directions.

What are the towns on Cape Cod where you offer cleaning services?

Our Cape Cod cleaning services are available year-round in Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown (on-site parking required). Seasonal weekend Changeover Cleaning Services are available in Truro, Wellfleet, and Eastham,. Weekday changeover cleaning services are available in all the towns we service.

What are your cleaning rates?

The Furies cleaning services are charged by the person-hour. (Per person x per hour) We usually send a crew of 3 people to clean your house. Different types of cleanings = different “person-hour” prices. We have a minimum charge for every type of cleaning. Please call the office to set up a free estimate.

Should I plan to be home during a cleaning?
There is no need for you to be home during the cleaning.
What should I do with my pets during a cleaning visit?
To minimize any risk to our cleaning staff, we recommend confining your pets to an area not being cleaned such as a designated room, basement, garage, or kennel. If this is not possible, then please communicate with us in advance, so we know about your pets.
What do you use to clean?

Our primary cleaning agents are pH controlled waters and elbow grease and are thus allergen free. Our vacuum cleaners are all Miele vacuums with the best HEPA filtration systems on the market. We do carry a small number of stronger cleaners that can be used based on customers’ requests or needs, but we check to see if the client has cleaning agents in the house which we would use first. Please refer to our Eco-Friendly Cleaning page for more information.

Do the same cleaners clean my house every time?
We try our best to send the same cleaning team to your Cape Cod house each time. This is the most efficient arrangement for us and more comfortable for you. However, it is also nice to have a “fresh pair of eyes,” and occasionally circumstances prevent us from sending the same team. We do our best to make sure to send at least one cleaning team member who is familiar with your house. All employees are trained, supervised and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Do you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?

The Furies Cleaning Service provide all the supplies and equipment required to clean your Cape Cod house. This includes chemical free cleaners, sponges, rags, mops, de-webbers, and vacuum cleaners. While we prefer to use our own supplies and equipment, if you have any special products that you would like us to use, please let the office staff know. Please provide them for us to use, and we will make sure the cleaning team has that information when they come to your house.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a cleaning?
All scheduling, changes or cancellations must be booked through our main office by calling (508) 349-1145 or emailing [email protected] or by using our contact form. Please do not give scheduling requests to your cleaning team. They are tired by the end of the day and may forget to convey the message to our scheduling staff. We request that any regular cleaning schedule changes or cancellations be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance so we can offer this slot to someone else. Any cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance may be subject to being charged an average amount for your cleaning. All changeover cleaning changes or cancellations must be made one week in advance. A $50 fee will be charged for each July or August date that is canceled after June 1st. Changeover cleaning cancellations made less than 7 days in advance will be charged the established average changeover fee for the property.
What if my routine or requested cleaning visit falls on a holiday?
We will work with you to find another convenient time for your cleaning if it falls on a holiday. We are closed Mondays from October through May and for the following holidays:






  • New Year’s Day in January
  • Memorial Day in May
  • Independence Day in July
  • Labor Day in September
  • Thanksgiving Day in November
  • Christmas Day in December

We will work with you to reschedule cleaning services around these holidays.

Is it possible to have you clean only on an as-needed basis?
Yes, you can call The Furies Cleaning Service of Cape Cod at (508)-349-1145 or contact us whenever you need cleaning. During the Cape Cod off-season, please call at least a week ahead to schedule a cleaning due to our smaller year-round staff. During the summer we are well-staffed and able to accommodate most weekday housecleaning requests. The weekends in the summer have limited availability for cleaning in the mornings between 8am-10am. Typically the weekend cleaning slots after 10 am are booked well in advance.
What if the staff breaks something while cleaning?
Occasionally, accidents do occur. Our insurance carrier will handle any significant losses, while we usually handle the minor mishaps. The most tragic loss is if something of high sentimental value is broken. Please let us know to bypass these items. We recommend putting them in a safe place on your cleaning day. We instruct our crews to inform the office on a timely basis, so we can communicate with you.
Are you Insured & Bonded?
The Furies Cleaning Service & Linen Rentals is fully Bonded and Insured, which means:

  • We carry workmen’s compensation for all employees.
  • We carry auto insurance that covers our vehicles and any employee vehicles if they are used on the job.
  • We carry general liability insurance that will cover any breakage or damage caused by our employees.
  • We carry Bonding Insurance to cover any employee dishonesty.
How do I pay The Furies for cleaning services?
All invoices and payments The Furies’ Cape Cod house cleaning services are handled directly through our office. The invoices are processed within 72 hours following your service. Payment is due 15 days from the date of the cleaning service.






  • Checks preferred.
  • Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.
Should I tip the cleaning staff?
Tipping is not required but always appreciated by our cleaning staff. Tips should be given in view of the entire cleaning team. If you are planning to give a larger tip at the end of a season intended for more than a single cleaning, please send the tip directly to our office where it can be distributed equitably to all the cleaners who serviced your home.
What other services do you offer?
In addition to our wide array of cleaning services, we also offer household linen rentals for customers vacationing on Cape Cod. Linen rentals include sheets sets, bath towels, beach towels, blankets and more.