Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with Peter Donovan, the founder & owner of Chatham Laundromat, a first-class operation in the heart of Chatham @ 758 Main Street.

Of course, they have self-service coin operated laundry machines, but they also operate a sophisticated retail Wash, Dry, Fold operation:

  • Drop off service: $1.50 per lb., $15 minimum.
  • The convenience of having your laundry picked up & delivered on Cape Cod is awesome. The pick-up & delivery service cost is reasonable ($1.70 per lb., $25 minimum).
  • They have attendants on staff to manage the operation.

Chatham Laundromat also operates a commercial laundry service that is dedicated to servicing Cape Cod businesses that need high volume laundry services for sheets, towels, and linens.

Chatham Laundromat has clean, impressive facilities with reasonable pricing & excellent service.

For more information call them (508) 945-6400, visit www.chathamlaudromat  or email them at [email protected]